Hand Water Pump – Reviews, Prices & Benefits

Using a water pump can provide a lot of health benefits. Many people think pumping water by hand is outdated, little do they know this is one of the safest ways

Nowadays, pure water is not as available as you might think. So, it’s really not a bad idea to use a pump to collect underground water. A hand water pump is a very popular machine to collect underground water. It is a pump that does not need any machine to operate. Your manual effort is enough to operate this pump.

Basically, hand water pump is a mechanical device. Human power is used to produce the mechanical benefit in this pump. This mechanical advantage is necessary to move water from one place to another. These pumps are very popular all over the world. People use hand water pumps in irrigation, marine, industry, or in their home.

There are different types of hand water pumps available on the market. These pumps can be categorized according to their working capacities. There are five types of pumps according to the working capability. They are:

  • Suctions pump is the first one. This is a low power pump. Its highest working range is only 7 meters.
  • After the suction pump, you can consider the low lift pump. This type of pump can lift water up to 15 meters high.
  • Direct actions pumps are same as the low lift pumps. These pumps are able to lift water up to 15 meters.
  • Intermediate lift pumps are powerful. These pumps can lift water up to 25 meters high. You can use these pumps to get water from deeper part of the underground.
  • The most powerful hand water pump is high lift pump. Its name indicates its working capacity. These pumps are used in deep wells. These pumps are able to lift water up to 45 meters high. Sometimes these pumps can pull water more than 45 meters high. You have to put some extra effort to use these pumps. But these pumps are very suitable for heavy duty use.

Reasons For Using A Water Pump By Hand

You will find a lot of people using these pumps. You will find a good number of old fashioned hand water pump machines. These old fashioned pumps indicate that these pumps are being used for a long time ago. If you study the history of the world, you will find the usage of hand water pumps in many countries.

The main purpose of using a hand water pump is its availability. These pumps are available in almost every area in the world. You can easily find one for you. Another positive aspect of these pumps is their user friendly working process. You can easily use these pumps. In fact, everyone can use these pumps very easily. The village people do not need any extra training when using it.

Your maintenance cost will be zero in this case. This pump only works on your manual effort. No other energy source is needed to operate this pump. As a result, you will not need any water pumpinvestment for energy source. The usage of this pump will be like an exercise for you. You will be physically benefited also.

Very few damages are seen in these pumps. So, the repair cost is also very low. Because of the easiness in using these pumps, there is no repair cost for false use. The repair parts are also available in the market. The price of these parts is also very low. You can easily afford those parts. These pumps have no harm to the environment. The people who are very sincere about the environment can choose these pumps for nature conservation.

All of the above facilities indicate that these pumps are very suitable for using in your home. So, people always choose a hand water pump instead of machine operated water pump to use in home. People use these pumps where the necessity of water is not so much.

Hand water pump availability and price

You can find a hand water pump store near your home. You can search in the online stores such as amazon.com, ebay, etc. The hand water pumps can be divided into two parts. Some hand water pumps are available in less than $100. Other pumps exceed $100. Some renowned hand water pump models with price are mentioned below for your choice.

Cast Iron Hand Pump is a very popular hand water pump. The price of this hand pump is only $40. This is probably the cheapest hand water pump. This pump is efficient up to 19.5 feet deeper. You can draw water very quickly by this pump. This pump is designed for long lasting facility.

Beckson hand water pump is another popular model of water pump. This pump can easily pick 8-10 gallons of water in a minute. The price of this pump starts from only $40 and ends to only $56. The price will be greater if you use high quality PVC pipes in your pump.

Northern Tool cast iron pump is another popular product. This pump is specially threaded for 1.25 inch pipe. This pump is able to draw water up to 24 feet. This pump is suitable for using in garden and home. The user rating of this hand pump is also very good. You have to spend about $100 to buy this pump.

Hand bilge pump is also a very smart choice. This pump is perfect for emergency use. You can use this pump in any emergency case such as small boat evacuating, collecting water from any place, etc. The price of this pump is only $20.

Flotec Picther pump is a costly one. High quality cast iron is used in this pump. This pump is specially built for long term service. You can use this pump in the case of pulling water from 25 feet deep. The seller rating of this pump is very good. You will get free shipping with this pump. The price of this pump is only $119.

Diamond hand water pump is a vastly used water pump. This is very popular equipment in baseball field maintenance. This pump can puddle 18-20 gallons of water per minute. The price of this pump is only $153.

You can choose a hand pump for your home, office, or even for your field. Always try to consider the user reviews before choosing a hand water pump.

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