Selecting An Old Fashioned Hand Water Pump

Old fahsioned water pumps are still an excellent way to produce water by hand. If you want to find out how to produce your own water read more here.

Hand water pump is the pump that runs on human effort. You will find a lot of hand water pumps all over the world. People use these pumps of environment conservation and cost efficiency. There are various types of hand water pump models in the market. Among them the most popular is old fashioned hand water pump.

Reasons for choosing old school hand water pumps

There are a lot of reasons for the popularity of old fashioned hand water pump. Low maintenance cost is one of them. The old models are being used for a long time. The efficiency of these models is proved. As a result, people feel more comfortable in choosing these models. The old models are good looking also. They do not have that mechanical look. They have a classic look. Their classical look has increased their popularity also.

The price of old models is comparatively low. As a result, a lot of people feel more comfortable in buying an old one. The function of the old ones is quite easy. The efficiency is also satisfactory. An old fashioned hand water pump is designed to collect water from a shallower ground level. If you do not need to go to a very deep level, you can easily choose an older one for reducing your costs.

The using process of an old fashioned hand water pump is very easy. At first, you have to put pressure on the handle. After a certain period, you have to remove pressure from it. You have to continue this process until your required amount of water is collected by you. This task is so easy that it can be performed by a 10-year old baby. Some instructions along with pictures are given with the hand water pumps. You can read those instructions for better knowledge.

Buying an old fashioned hand water pump

Before buying an old fashioned hand water pump, you have to know about the functions and prices. There are both low price and high price hand water pumps. Some popular hand water old fashioned red water pumppumps with price are given below for your choice.

Pitcher pump is a great hand water pump for deep wells. It works as an emergency pump also. You can use this pump during the power outage also. This pump looks so nice that it will increase the beauty of your home or garden. The color of this pump is red. It is able to pull water from 24 feet deeper. You have to prepare 8 inches flat diameter surface for this pump. There are three .25 inch holes in the bottom. The price of this excellent hand pump is only $49. You can buy it from Red Hill General Store. You have to buy additional items such as pipes, foot valve, etc. with the pump.

Antique hand water pump is another popular choice of the customers. There is a long spout in the pump. The diameter of this pump is 4 inches. The length of the pump is 9.5 inch. Its weight is only 4 lb. The price of this pump is the most attractive feature of it. Its price is only $12.49. You can buy this pump from

Antique type cast iron hand pitcher pump is another popular model of hand water pump. This water pump looks so attractive. The price of this pump is only $37.98. This pump is available in ebay. If you buy it from ebay, you will get a 14 day money back guarantee. The new feature of ebay called ebay buyer protection is available in product. There is an added shipment cost of $14.99 in this product.

Hand press pitcher pump is another popular old fashioned hand water pump. This pump can collect water from 20 feet deep level in the underground. It is a non-electric water pump. Heavy duty cast iron is used to prepare its body. The regular price of this hand water pump is $103. But of you buy this product from, you have to spend only $64.60 for this pump.

Fa-Wb-W Barrel Fountain is a little giant old fashioned hand water pump. It is a wooden colored water pump. Its height is 14 inches. It is an exclusive product from the little giant company. The price of this product is only $107.01.

Antique Vintage Davey Cast Iron Garden hand water pump is another popular choice of the people. Its color is ash. You will get 14 days money back guarantee from ebay in this product. There is no shipment cost for this product. You have to spend only $139.99 to buy this product.

Antique Deming Co. Salem Oh is a very popular old fashioned hand water pump. This product is available in ebay. You have to spend $150 to buy this product. An extra charge of $45 is applicable as shipment cost.

It is always a good decision to choose an old fashioned pump. An old fashioned hand water pump can give you all the facilities that are available in the newer ones.

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